Jul 12

Dream Theater: Tour Video

Dream Theater have shared a video showcasing the visuals they use when performing the track Moment Of Betrayal onstage. The song is lifted from their latest album The Astonishing and the promo follows the release of their visuals video for track Hymn Of A Thousand Voices last month.


Keyboardist Jordan Rudess said of the record: “I think this is a particular creative adventure for us, to write a concept album very much like a musical or a rock opera.”

“I think that whatever we decide to do next – which we haven’t really decided – will be something very different.” He added: “It’s not going to be another concept album. I don’t think that would be the best thing to do. But it will be some creative adventure that we’ll feel like we want to put our energies behind.”

Dream Theater tour dates 2016:

Jul 08: Mexico City Pepsi Center, Mexico

Jul 09: Mexico City Pepsi Center, Mexico

Jul 11: Guadalajara Teatro Diana, Mexico


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